The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin

Are you looking for the perfect makeover? It is useless to apply foundation without the base. The product will lose its durability and cause skin cracks, particularly if your skin is rough and dry. You will need to use one of the top primes for dry-skin in order to make the application easier.

If you don’t, your skin flaws will be visible through the foundation.

In order to avoid the horrible make-up situation, it is important that you find the primer which best suits your skin. Before we get to the list of primers, let’s take a closer look at what it can do for us.

What is the importance of primer before makeup?

These are some of the main reasons you shouldn’t skip primer when applying makeup.

  • Enhances glow
  • Gives you soft skin
  • It is easy to see your pores after application of foundation, regardless of how large or small they are. Primer is the best way to hide these pores, and give your skin a smooth finish.
  • The primer acts as a smooth, thin layer over the face. It allows your foundation to glide smoothly on your skin.
  • Enables your makeup to last for long.

The Best Face Primers for Dry Skin In India

1. Lakme Absolute blur perfect makeup face primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
Lakme Absolute blur perfect makeup face primer

The brand is already well-known for the quality of its products. This product blurs and hides all skin imperfections such as open pores, facial marks, spots and more. It gives you a flawless makeup finish.

This primer will ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Its water-proof formula is lightweight and won’t cause cakey makeup. This primer is not just for dry skin, but it also benefits people with all types of skin.

Price – between Rs 500 and 600

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2. M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Face Primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Face Primer

This is the ultimate brand when it comes to searching for makeup primers that are suitable especially for people with dry skin. The most important part of makeup is moisturizing the skin. However, many people struggle to find a primer that has a good balance of oiliness.

MAC Prep+prime is a light gel primer that moisturizes skin without leaving it greasy. It contains special effect silicones that ensure smooth skin by covering redness or patches.

This primer costs more than the other primers mentioned here. However, the high quality and benefits that it provides to skin make the price worth paying. This product is one of the Best primers for Dry Skin according to the reviews.

Cost: 6,999.

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3. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Facial Primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Facial Primer

This is one of the best products to use on dry skin. Especially if your wrinkles and large pores are preventing you from achieving a flawless makeover. This primer evens out the surface of the skin by removing wrinkles and open pores.

You will achieve a flawless appearance by covering all skin imperfections. You will look completely transformed. The foundation will last longer if you apply it after L’oreal Paris Base Face Primer. This lightweight, silky formula is easy to mix with makeup and your skin.

If you want to minimize your large open pores then L’oreal Paris Smoothing Face Primer is one of the top primers that are recommended for dry and large pores.

Price – between Rs. 900 and 1000

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4. Revlon Photoready Perfecting face Primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
Revlon Photoready Perfecting face Primer

You will feel and look beautiful as it minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It evens your skin tone and gives it a healthy glow.

Revlon Photoready face primer has a smoothing effect that makes your skin feel and look soft. Revlon Photoready Face Primer can be used alone or after foundation to achieve flawless results.

If you are concerned with wrinkles, fine lines, or saggy, loose skin. This is one of best primers to treat wrinkles and dryness. Use the best moisturizer for dry skin before the serum to boost its effectiveness and nourish your skin.

Price – between Rs 1500 and 2000

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5. Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer

The velvety texture makes the product easy to use and feels light after application. If you apply foundation to Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer, it will last longer and you won’t even feel like you have worn make-up because the primer is so lightweight.

The best primers at drugstores are as good as expensive high-end ones, and they’re just as affordable.

This primer will give you a natural glow that makes you look and feel younger. This natural glow comes from the skin smoothness that it gives you by decreasing the look of wrinkles and fines lines.

This is the most effective primer for your face available in India.

Price – between Rs 500 and 600

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6. NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer

The 5 Best Primers For Dry Skin
NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer

It gives your skin a smooth, even texture by ensuring that the foundation will last. NYX’s primer is easily absorbed and blended into your makeup, preparing your skin for foundation application.

It is best for covering blemishes on your skin, especially open pores and fine wrinkles.

Price – between Rs. 2000 and 3000

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Summary:Primers tend to be overlooked when shopping for skin care and makeup. It’s a must-have for makeup. Not only does it provide a perfect canvas on which to create makeup masterpieces, but primers also help concealers and foundation blend seamlessly and make them last.

You understand how important primer is for flawless skin and protection. We have compiled the top primers that are suitable for dry skin. They will keep it hydrated and make your makeup last longer.


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