Kajal Eyeliner: How to apply it?

Let us declare in the name of Jesus Christ that we will know exactly how to apply eye kajal by the end this article.

That was a very awkward introduction. I can’t hide behind these words my awkward personality! Don’t laugh, we are all alike. When we hear or read the word kohl, it’s a different story. When we hear the word kohl (kajal), it brings back memories of ethnicities and simple sunsets with sarees in motion.

While the world and its fashion have changed, kohl’s popularity has not. Kajal is an important part of women’s make-up for generations. Pure romance – anklets, henna, kajal, and the sounds of anklet.

What is Kajal exactly?

Kohl, a powdery black substance, is usually made of antimony or lead sulfur. It’s used to make eye makeup, especially in the East. Kajal is a must-have for any look.

With each new generation and year, it has become more popular among cosmetic fans. Kajal can be used to create a subtle makeup look on your lower eyeline/ or waterline, as well as to draw attention to the eyes.

Let’s spend a couple of seconds preparing our eyes before we move on to discussing the various ways to use kajal.

Prepare your eyes before applying Kajal

1. To avoid smudging, clean your face before you apply the kajal.

2. You can use water or a cleaning milk/toner to get an even surface.

3. You should cover dark circles with concealer if you want to avoid looking like a killer or getting arrested.

4. Use kajal of good quality, always. It is because it is a product which is exposed directly to the eyes.

5. Clean up your act. Over-giving can make you choke. Do not share makeup with your sweetheart!

6. There are many types of Kajal to suit your mood. You can choose between liquid, powder or a standard kajal. I prefer a pencil.

Three Easy Ways to Apply Kajal Perfectly on the Eyes

1. Basic Tradition

It’s the easiest way to do it, as you have done it a million times. It’s easy to apply – just use the ring fingers of your other hand and pull your eyelids down.

You can start by applying the kajal to the lower edge of your eye/waterline, dragging it from the inner corner outwards. You can choose to make it dramatic or simple. It’s up to you.

2. Wing It

The first thing to do is understand that we all know what an wing looks like, but couldn’t work out how to get LHS = RHS. Practice is the key. Use the kajal on your upper lashline by gently pressing the pencil. Then, move it towards the outer corners.

Once you have reached the corner of your outer wing, make a 45 degree angle titled line. From the middle of the eye to the edge tip, thicken the line so it expands naturally toward the wing.

Apply a thin line of Kajal along your lower lashline, moving in one motion from the inner to the outer corner. Draw a curvy outer edge at the lower lashline, that should be smaller than the upper lashline wing.

3. Smokey But Subtle

This one, however, is something I’ve learned with you.

If you have smaller eyes, you should apply more kajal towards your outer corners.

You should now know how to use kajal on small eyes.

You’ll remember that I told you to pop your eyes out in a positive way. Start by gently smudging the eyeshadow with a brush. Finish it off with a touch of a similar shade. You can also apply eyeliner to the upper rim of your eyes by applying kajal.

Tip: If you have sensitive eyelids, apply kohl under your waterline.

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Kajal Eyeliner: How to apply it?

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Hope you enjoyed our article on Applying Kajal to Eyes and we hope to be back soon to share more cool stuff.


What is the best way to apply Kajal?

Beginners can apply Kajal to their eyes using the basic traditional method described in this article.

What is the best place to apply kajal?

Kajal can be applied to the lower and upper watersline.

Does it make sense to use kajal every day?

It’s fine to use kajal every day, but you should not apply it too much and, if you have, remove it properly.


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