Girls Talk: How Waxing is Beneficial for Your Skin

Many people are unhappy with the thickening of their hair after shaving. Although shaving is not a way to increase hair growth, it does give the hair a more slimmer appearance.

The hair will grow back blunt if you cut it off your face or body and let it regrow. For a short time, the hair growth may cause tips to look rough or “stubby”. Also, the hair could appear darker or thicker during this time.

If you want to stop hair growth for a long time, shaving a small portion of hair is an option.

Shaving, for example, removes hair from its root, which slows down hair growth. Epilation, which uses a mechanical method and laser hair reduction results in long-lasting effects.

How does waxing affect the hair growth on your body?

Every hair grows in different phases. During the active phase of growth, hair is continuously growing. The follicle becomes weaker and detached in the second stage. During this phase of transition, body hair is generally shed on its own.

Hair stops growing at the end of the growth phase. The duration of the dormancy phase varies from person to person, but they typically last four months.

Waxing can affect the dormancy stage. The brain will send signals to the hair if you pull it out from the root repeatedly. Waxing regularly can extend the dormancy period for certain hairs.

It can cause the growth process to be disrupted because it damages hair follicles. Hair that returns after a waxing may be shorter, thinner and less flexible. The hair follicles are damaged, and waxing weakens them. This results in longer cycles of rest, finer hairs and less hair growth.

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How to correctly use wax

Waxing doesn’t guarantee that hair growth will stop. Waxing is a common procedure that can result in finer and less dense hair. You can maximize the benefits of waxing by doing these things.

  • Select waxes that are of high quality and security.
  • Waxing is advised at least every 30 days or even more often. You may be damaging your hair follicle if you do not attend enough sessions of waxing.
  • The wax hair ranges in size from 1/8 to 1/4 inch.
  • Cleanse your skin before waxing to ensure it is prepared.
  • When it grows back, do not remove it.

The benefits of waxing your hair

1. The skin is smooth and free from stubble

Waxing, in contrast to shaving, which only strips the hairs from their roots, removes them completely. Waxing is also softer than shaving.

Strawberry legs is a term used to describe the dots that can appear on skin after shaving. Waxing does not cause this.

2. Regrowth of hair on the body is reduced.

Regrowth is slowed after waxing because the hair has been pulled from the roots. The skin remains smoother for longer, allowing the hair follicle to grow back. The average waxing treatment lasts between three and four weeks.

3. When the hair grows back, it will be more fine and less dense.

Waxing causes hair at the roots to weaken as time goes by. Hair that grows from weak hair follicles will be thin.

Genetics plays a major role in determining many hair characteristics, such as the thickness of your hair, its color and rate of growth. You should not expect to see dramatic changes in the texture of your hair. It will take time for the significant changes to occur.

4. No allergic reactions or irritations of the skin have been reported.

The wax used for waxing the body is free of any ingredients that may irritate your skin. When waxing is done by professionals who are skilled and knowledgable, there may be less irritation or even no redness.

5. The texture of the skin has improved

Waxing removes dead tissue, including skin cells and unwanted hair. It produces an even, smooth and flawless skin that shaving or hair removal creams have not yet been able to achieve. Certain waxes, along with aloe or butter are meant to moisturize the skin further.

6. Cuts and bruises that are minor

When you cause your skin to be injured, such as by bruising or cutting it, the procedure to improve your appearance is not always easy. Even though they are only temporary, they can be irritating. In contrast, shaving does not cause bruises. However, cuts are rare.

7. Skin exfoliation

Girls Talk: How Waxing is Beneficial for Your Skin

Exfoliation has been proven to have multiple benefits in numerous research studies. Waxing removes the outermost layers of skin, resulting in a more radiant and smoother complexion.

But remember that waxing is much more than exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin a few weeks before the appointment to prepare it for waxing. If you exfoliate the day before your appointment, your skin could become extremely sensitive.

You should instead wax several days after your appointment. The irritation you experience will decrease the longer it takes to finish your waxing, as your pores can close. You can also prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating after waxing.

You may still be unsure whether you should shave your hair or not. Compare the pros and cons of both. You can choose between waxing or shaving.

You may not only enjoy smooth, silky skin after this treatment but also reap other benefits. This will reduce the cost of waxing and make it possible to go longer between treatments. Swagmee offers salon-quality waxing at your convenience.



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