Dark Circles Under Eyes-Causes and Treatment

Both men and women have dark circles under their lower eyelids. If you also have bags, you might look older. They are also notoriously difficult to remove.

Black circles can occur in anyone but are more common among those with:

  • What are the needs of elderly people?
  • You may be predisposed to this condition (periorbital pigmentation).
  • Hyperpigmentation is more common in people with darker skin shades (non-whites).

Although it may appear that fatigue is the main cause of dark circles under the eyes, other factors are also responsible. Most of the time, dark circles under your eyes aren’t a cause for concern or require medical attention.

There are many causes for concern

Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by a number of factors.

1. Fatigue

Dark circles under your eyes can be caused by oversleeping or being extremely tired. You may also have dark circles if you stay up later than normal. Your skin can become pale and dull due to sleep deprivation, revealing dark tissue and blood vessels underneath.

A lack of sleep may also lead to fluid building behind the eyes. This can make them look puffy. Dark circles could actually be the shadows of swollen lids.

2. Age

Dark circles around your eyes can also be caused by natural aging. As you grow older, your skin becomes thinner. As you age, your skin loses the essential fats and collagen. This causes the blood vessels under your skin to become darker, darkening your area around your eyes.

3. Strain in the eyes

Your eyes are under a great deal of stress when you watch television or use a computer. Stress can cause the blood vessels to dilate around your eye. The skin around the eyes can darken as a result.

4. Allergies

Dark circles can be caused by both allergic reactions and dry eyes. Your body releases histamines when you experience an allergic reaction. Histamines can cause unpleasant symptoms like itching, swelling, or redness. They also make your blood vessels appear larger and more visible under your skin.

Allergic reactions can also make you want to scratch and rub the itchy skin around your eyes. This can worsen your symptoms, by causing inflammation, edema and broken blood vessels. Dark shadows can appear under your eyes.

5. Dehydration

Dark circles under your eyes are often caused by dehydration. The skin under your eyes can become dulled and sunken if you do not drink enough water. It is due to the fact that they are so close to the bone.

6. Excessive Sun Exposure

A skin pigment called melanin can be overproduced by your body if you are exposed to too much sun. Overexposure to the sun can lead to pigmentation of surrounding skin, particularly around your eyes.

7. Genetics

The family history may also be a factor in developing dark circles around your eyes. This hereditary condition can start as young as childhood, and it may worsen or disappear gradually as we age. Dark circles can be caused by other medical conditions, like thyroid problems.

Home Remedies

Treatment is determined by the underlying cause. There are home remedies that can help with this problem. The most popular methods include:

1. Compress ice bags

Cold compresses are beneficial for areas that do not swell. It can reduce dark circles and puffiness. Use a washcloth to apply ice cubes on your eyelids. Apply a washcloth cold to your skin around the eyes and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. If the cloth melts, or if it warms up, repeat the process.

2. Take more rest

Dark circles can be reduced by sleeping in. Sleep deprivation can make your skin pale, highlighting dark circles. Avoid dark circles by sleeping for at least 7-8 hours.

3. Raise your Head

Sleeping habits can also contribute to the appearance of dark circles. Lift your head up with pillows so that fluid does not pool under your eyes. This can lead to puffiness.

4. Teabags

You can improve the appearance of your eyes by placing cold teabags on them. Tea consumption has shown to increase blood flow, reduce blood vessel size, and decrease liquid retention under the skin. Two black or green teabags soaked for five minutes. Refrigerated for 15 to 20 minutes. Close your eyes and apply the tea bags for 10-20 min. Cool water should be used to rinse your eyes.

5. Make-up Conceals

Makeup can conceal dark circles. Concealer can be used to cover dark spots and match them with your skin color. Use caution when using any cosmetic or topical treatment. Certain products may worsen symptoms, or even cause an allergy reaction. Stop using any topical treatments that cause irregular symptoms and consult your doctor immediately.

Medical Treatments

There are medical treatments that can permanently reduce the appearance of dark circles. The most popular approaches include:

  • Pigmentation reduction peels
  • Resurfacing of the skin and tightening with lasers
  • The tissue fillers are used to cover the blood vessels that can cause discoloration of skin under the eyes.
  • Surgery implants made of synthetic or fat materials to remove excess skin and fat for a more even, smoother surface

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, consult a physician. Medical treatments that are invasive can be expensive, painful, and take a lot of time.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What is the cause of dark circles?

Iron deficiency anemia is the condition where red blood cells are depleted in the blood. They are also responsible for delivering oxygen to tissues in the body. Dark circles under the eyes, pale skin and other symptoms of iron deficiency are all signs that you may be lacking in this mineral.

2. Which Vitamins am I deficient in if my dark circles are under the eyes?

Acne and dark circles are linked with vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B12, E.K.D.

3. What can you do to eliminate dark circles around your eyes?

Before going to bed, mix equal amounts of almond oil with vitamin E. Massage gently into the dark circles and wash it in the morning. Repeat this daily until dark circles disappear.


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